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The Atlas cedar (cedrus atlantica) is a coniferous tree of the pinaceae family, which is found originally in the Middle East and North Africa. Morocco now has the largest area of this majestic tree species, which grows in mountain ranges. In Switzerland, it is found in mountains and parks. It can live for about 500 years or more, if the conditions are right. In Egyptian antiquity, its fragrant resin was used to embalm the dead. In Asia, it is used to promote spiritual upliftment. Its essential oil is mainly used for drainage and the fight against cellulite, massaged on the legs, diluted with vegetable oil.

As a hair care product, a few drops of Atlas cedar essential oil (2 to 3 drops) diluted in desert date vegetable oil or mixed with our aloe vera gel, will balance and strengthen the scalp while helping to fight against hair loss.

Its advantages on the physical level:

- Help with fat removal

- Circulatory and lymphatic tonic

- Major anti-cellulite

- Anti-age spots for the skin

- Helps keep moths away

- anti-oily hair, hair toning, helps fight against hair loss.

- Purifying diffusion to clear the respiratory tract

Its benefits on the spiritual level:

- Promotes spiritual elevation

- Calms the mind

- anxilotytic

100% pure, natural, organic quality essential oil

Atlas Cedar essential oil (wood), 10 ml

CHF13.50 Regular Price
CHF6.75Sale Price
10 Milliliters
  • Atlas cedar essential oil (wood)

    INCI: Cedrus atlantica

    Main biochemical components: B-himachalene, a-himachalene, g-himachalene

    Origin: France

    Botanical family: Pinaceae

    Distilled part: Wood

    Extraction process: Distillation by steam distillation

    Quality: Organic essential oil

    Culture: from organic farming FR BIO 10- Agriculture France

    Storage: store away from light and heat

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