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The cypress of Provence, called "cypress-always-green" is associated since antiquity, with immortality because it remains always green. In antiquity, it was associated with the cult of the dead. The ancients considered its wood to be indestructible.

It is the essential anti-congestant oil par excellence, it therefore helps to decongest the lower limbs, in case of heavy legs, it facilitates drainage, blood circulation and fights against dry coughs.

Its advantages on the physical level:

- it is a great "anti-cellulite" ally, in association with Atlas cedar and grapefruit, promoting drainage, blood circulation, fat removal, it promotes venous and lymphatic drainage,

- Can be used to regulate excessive sweating,

- Estrogen-like (behaves "like estrogens),

- Toning, balancing, anti-dandruff for the scalp (2 to 3 drops), this major essential oil will tone your scalp while helping it to balance sebum production and to fight against hair loss. A magnificent essential oil to keep your hair healthy over time.

Its mental advantages:

- rebalances the nervous system

- gives strength and courage

Pure, natural essential oil of organic quality

Cypress essential oil, from Provence, 10 ml

CHF14.90 Regular Price
CHF7.50Sale Price
  • Provence cypress essential oil

    INCI: Cypressus sempervirens

    Main biochemical components: a-pinene, delta3-carene

    Origin: France

    Botanical family: Cupressaceae

    Distilled part: Twigs leaves

    Extraction process: Distillation by steam distillation

    Quality: Organic essential oil

    Culture: from organic farming FR BIO 10- Agriculture France

    Storage: store away from light and heat

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