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Grapefruit is a natural hybrid of Citrus maxima and Orange tree. It is called in English "Grape fruit" because it grows in large golden clusters on grapefruit trees. Grapefruit is its vernacular name, in botany it is called Pomelo.


Grapefruit essential oil, or "grapefruit essence", is used in diffusion for its antiseptic and vitalizing properties. In diffusion too, it "positive the atmosphere", it is an essence of good humor, like its citrus cousins, while relaxing the atmosphere. It is part of the "oils of the heart".


Its physical and well-being benefits:

- it is one of the essential oils essential to fight against water retention, participates in the drainage of fats, which makes it an essential oil of choice to fight against cellulite,

- stimulates lymphatic circulation,

- astringent, skin tonic, it helps purify acne-prone skin

- helps slow hair loss and balance acne-prone and excess sebum-prone scalps, it helps mattify skin and hair, when used in the evening

- detoxifying, aperitif, digestive, stimulating, it participates in the drainage of the liver and kidneys

- Soothes, calms and positive mood, helps in the event of gloom, helps to "drive away negative energies" in diffusion


100% pure, natural essential oil, from organic farming

Grapefruit essential oil, 10 ml

CHF15.90 Regular Price
CHF7.90Sale Price
  • INCI: Citrus paradisii

    Main biochemical components: Limonene, myrcene

    Origin: Mexico

    Botanical family: Rutaceae

    Distilled part: zest

    Extraction process: Mechanical pressure of the zest

    Quality: Organic essential oil

    Culture: from organic farming FR BIO 10- Non EU farming

    Storage: store away from light and heat.

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