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This essential oil is one of the essentials of "Well-being" aromatherapy as its properties are so multiple. This essential oil comes from the distilled leaves of Ravintsara, a tree from Madagascar. In Malagasy ravintsara means "good leaf", "good for everything".

Its physical and well-being benefits:

- it is known for its anti-viral, antibacterial, immune stimulating properties, it is the essential winter oil par excellence, which helps to fight against winter infections.

- it is known to act against various viral infections: influenza, herpes. shingles, chickenpox, etc.

- it participates in the disinfection of the atmosphere, in diffusion

- in terms of well-being, it is a powerful energizer, neurotonic, stimulating also on the mental level

- it helps to fight against stress, depression.

Ravintsara essential oil, 10 ml

CHF12.90 Regular Price
CHF6.50Sale Price
  • INCI: Cinnamomum camphora CT 1,8-cineole

    Main biochemical components: 1,8 cineole, sabinene, alpha-terpineol

    Origin: Madagascar

    Botanical family: Lauraceae

    Distilled part: Leaves

    Extraction process: Distillation by steam distillation

    Quality: Organic essential oil

    Culture: from organic farming FR BIO 10- Non EU farming

    Storage: store away from light and heat.

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