With its experience for more than 25 years in Burkina Faso, close to the female cooperatives for the production of shea butter and rare and precious oils extracted from the trees of the Saharo-Sahel region, the BAUM brand develops cosmetics and wellness products from these plants, whose extraordinary virtues have been recognized for millennia by African populations and for several decades by the modern cosmetic industry.





Since 1987 in Burkina Faso, we have studied these plants and their extracts for a long time, first with women producers and through scientific studies and training.


We decided to promote these wonderful oils, butters and extracts from West Africa through a brand of natural cosmetics that combines beauty, well-being and respect for the health of consumers, in a holistic spirit, the beauty and well-being in general, being closely linked.


I am Catherine Baum, Wellness and Beauty Aromatherapy Consultant and Founder of BAUM all naturals® brand.
Resident in West Africa for more than 30 years, I discovered tree extracts from this botanically rich region, first with women producers in Burkina Faso and other West African countries and  through scientific studies. I saw their extraordinary benefits first on my skin, which has long been subjected to an extremely dry climate in the Sahel, a climate that puts the skin to a very harsh test.


My skin has weathered the extreme climate of the Sahel very well, thanks to the firstborn of the BaumeXtreme range, my rich shea & baobab balm for extreme weather conditions.

Given the success of this balm with my relatives and a local clientele, I have developed other cosmetic treatments that I invite you to discover through our website.

The BAUM all naturals® brand, which combines the efficiency of desert plants with the efficiency of mountain plants, was born from this exciting development.





Our main objective is to preserve your beauty while respecting your health with:


  • Natural ingredients, not bleached and not subjected to aggressive treatments,


  • Heated at low temperature to keep their original beneficial properties,


  • Non toxic : no parabens or other products that may cause toxicity risks, or allergies,


  • No synthetic fragrance,


  • Few active but 100% natural vegetable origin, in sufficient quantity to be truely active and limit the risks of allergies,


  • Respect of the environment,


  • No animal testing,


  • Our brand develops cosmetics that combine traditional skills of West African women with Swiss know-how.

Smart Trees



Séverine A. France

"I really like BAUM creams and I regularly offer them to all my friends and family, they are always very successful. The texture is very nourishing without being oily, the smell is discreet, and above all the effect is very restful on the skin.


I even noticed that a burne spot had disappeared on my cheek. I feel my skin well nourished and that it is effective in the long term ".


Diana K. Burkina Faso
Olivia B. France

"Quickly discover the absolutely incredible BAUM creams!


Only made from natural products from Burkina! Thank you for creating these

baby comforters !! "

"I am a former user of BAUM products, which I trust: I find them of good quality.


My very sensitive skin reacted very well.

I enjoyed the light texture and fragrance".

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