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Avec les productrices de karité

After 32 years of living in Burkina Faso, I couldn't leave this country without creating a brand of natural cosmetics that I consider to be a bridge between this botanically very rich region and the Alps, whose environment is also very rich in plants with exceptional virtues.


Catherine Baum, Founder

Catherine Baum with shea butter producers in Ouagadougou



"BaumStory" is also a real "LoveStory" with desert and mountain plants!
I am Catherine Baum, Founder of the Geneva brand BAUM all naturals®.


I first lived for 32 years in Burkina Faso, a country in the south of the Sahara where I discovered the extraordinary virtues of natural tree extracts and local plants, such as shea butter, pure and natural baobab oils, desert date and other oils and plants with extraordinary properties, especially in harsh climates.


I could not leave Burkina Faso without creating a brand of natural cosmetics that I consider as a «bridge» between this botanically rich region and Europe, which also has plants with exceptional virtues, notably in harsh climate.


During "my African life", I had the opportunity to discover the best rural women's groups producing butters and oils extracted from trees and processed according to local know-how, those which preserve the beneficial properties of plants, while also satisfying the conditions for exporting to the international market.


I buy my basic ingredients from these producers to support them socially and allow them to perpetuate these ancestral know-how. I combine them with the wonderful properties of pure Alpine water and mountain plants, for a highly qualitative natural cosmetics that I invite you to discover on our shop.






Our main objective is to preserve your beauty while respecting your health with:


Natural ingredients, not bleached and not subjected to aggressive treatments,

Our brand develops cosmetics that combine traditional skills of West African women with Swiss know-how trhough synergie between Swiss Alpine plants and Saharian desert plants, two extremes environments where plants are very potent to survive


Heated at low temperature to keep their original beneficial properties,


Non toxic : no parabens or other products that may cause toxicity risks


Few active but with a natural vegetable origin, in sufficient quantity to be truely active and limit the risks of allergies,


Respect of the environment,


Less packaging to respect our environment, and black glass packaging when possible, to keep the benefits of the active plants longer

We are not agree with animal testing,


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