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   The desert date

palm tree

The desert date palm, of the genus balanites aegyptiaca, roxburghii is a thorny shrub of the family Zygophyllaceae, growing in the Sahelian and Sudanian zones. It is known by the vernacular names of Egyptian date palm, Sahel date palm, Desert date palm, Acacia date palm, soap maker, Myrobalan from Egypt (French); Zèguenè (Bambara); Kièglèga (Mooré); Golététeki, Tané, Tani (Peul). It is called "date palm of the desert" because of its small fruits which look like dates. We find this thorny, which measures from 4 to 10 meters, throughout the Saharan. Sahelian strip, up to Palestine, and in Far East Asia.


This tree with high environmental and socio-economic value is widely used by African populations.

The fruit pulp, leaves and oil are edible.


In human health, almond oil, fruits, leaves, barks and roots are used for the treatment of various diseases, in particular against hypertension, digestive and parasitic disorders, as an anti-inflammatory.


The stems of the tree are sold in local markets as traditional toothbrushes.


In Africa, the date palm oil from the desert, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (70% - oleic and linoleic), is a rare and precious oil due to the hard work to extract it from the nuts.


It is traditionally used in cooking to promote the rise of milk in lactating women, to treat certain digestive disorders, to combat hypertension and to treat certain skin disorders, thanks to its skin antiseptic properties. It is also used against joint pain (arthritis, arthritis, rheumatism) and aches. It is an excellent massage oil before and after exercise, to relax the muscles and fight against joint disorders.


In cosmetics, softening, emollient, regenerating and nourishing, it is a superb massage oil against dryness and skin aging, to treat flaky, dry, rough skin and problem skin.


Penetrating oil with a dry touch, it penetrates very quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film, giving a soft and satiny appearance to the skin, very pleasant.

It nourishes dry and brittle hair and strengthens damaged, brittle hair.


WARNING: the properties of plants are communicated for informational purposes based on information from reference books and websites and should not be considered as therapeutic prescriptions.



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