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Lavandin super is the result of a hybridization between two Lavenders, Lavender Fine and Lavender Aspic. It was created by the pollination of bees, and like many hybrid plants it is sterile. It is also more robust, more developed than Lavender, it is often used to perfume household products, soaps, in small sachets, to decorate gardens, in diffusion ... it also has interesting properties: relaxing, relaxing.

100% pure, natural, organic quality essential oil

Its advantages on the physical level:

- muscle relaxant, antispasmodic

- analgesic

- anti-inflammatory

- healing, antiseptic

- lice repellent

Its mental advantages:

- relaxing, anti-depressive

- relaxing

100% pure, natural essential oil of organic quality

Super lavender essential oil, 10 ml

CHF11.90 Regular Price
CHF5.90Sale Price
  • Super lavender essential oil (essence)

    INCI: Lavendula hybrida super

    Main biochemical components: Linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor

    Origin: France, Provence

    Botanical family: Lamiaceae

    Distilled part: flowering tops

    Extraction process: Steam distillation

    Quality: organic

    Culture: from organic farming - Organic farming FR 10- France

    Storage: store away from light and heat

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