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Palmarosa belongs to the Poaceae family, like citronella. It is also called "geranium of the Indies", because of its light and flowery scent, which recalls the geranium or the rose.

Its advantages on the physical level:

- the essential oil of palmarosa is one of the great essential oils possessing purifying, toning, anti-infectious properties: it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and regulating properties of sebum production for the skin and the scalp, diluted in an oil on the skin or as an after-shave care, or on the scalp to balance it and fight against the desquamation that causes dandruff,

- natural deodorant, it acts against bad odors mixed in a vegetable oil, under the armpits for example,

- recommended for skin care, in case of infected pimples, acne (such as Geranium), problem skin,

- helps fight against dermatoses (acne, eczema, fungal infections in particular), ideal for combination to oily skin,

- skin tonic, it helps fight against wrinkles and plumps the skin, it stimulates skin repair

- is one of the essential oils favorable to lymphatic drainage

- in atmospheric diffusion to clean the air, especially during epidemics

Its mental advantages:

- anti-stress essential oil, soothes, harmonizes, promotes vitality

- tones the nervous system

- promotes dialogue, connection with our inner being

Palmarosa essential oil, 10ml

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  • Palmarosa essential oil

    INCI: Cymbopogon martinii

    Main biochemical components: Geraniol, geranyl acetate, linalool

    Origin: Nepal

    Botanical family: Poaceae

    Distilled part: Aerial parts

    Extraction process: Steam distillation

    Quality: organic

    Culture: from organic farming - Non EU farming

    Storage: store away from light and heat

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