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Natural Swiss Made cosmetics


The power of the plants from the desert and the Swiss Alps for your beauty

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 Natural care  Swiss Made

for the face


Take care of your hair naturally


Simply the essentials of beauty and well-being

Baobab & larch balm

Swiss made natural care

for the body

Aloe vera

Radiance care for different skin types

Incense cream

To have fun, to have fun

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Treatments for all genders



Care for extreme weather conditions


Make your own simple products

with plant extracts from the desert and the Swiss AlpsBaumEssentiel propose des soins wellness 100% naturels et simplissimes, pour l'essentiel de votre beauté

Such a beautiful road

BAUM all naturals is the result of a long journey which started in Burkina Faso, where I lived for 32 years.

Enriched by my meetings with the best producers of plant extracts from sub-Saharan Africa and the Swiss Alps,

I decided to create cosmetic treatments combining plants from the extreme environments of the Sahara desert and the Swiss Alps, whose assets are particularly powerful for the plant to survive in extreme environments.

I wanted to take advantage of their benefits and share them with you through BAUM all naturals®.

My lietmotiv: professionalism at the service of naturalness and authenticity.





Catherine Baum, Founder of BAUM all naturals®

Catherine Baum, Fondatrice
Produits corps

I use the BaumEclat cream in the morning as well as the extreme balm with tonic and upward massages.


In winter, in contact with the cold air in the mountains, I have the impression that my skin derives all the benefits: it is very hydrated and does not fear the tightness or irritation that sometimes can be had with harsh conditions.


I love the texture and fragrance of Baum products and the safe quality of their ingredients

— Auria M., Professor,


"Quickly discover the absolutely incredible BAUM creams!


Only made from natural products from Burkina! Thank you for creating these

baby comforters !! "

— Olivia B., Videographer


Après la nage

— Christel Z., model, athlete, Switzerland

During my swims in cold water

I swear only by these creams @baumallnaturals which develops high quality natural Swissmade cosmetic care 

This is why, during my moments of meditation and immersion in the lake in winter, I was totally addicted to these products

— Christel Z., model, athlete, Switzerland

Produits corps

"I really like BAUM creams and I

regularly offer them to all my friends and family, they are always very successful. The texture is very nourishing without being oily, the smell is discreet, and above all the effect is very restful on the skin.


I even noticed that a burne spot had disappeared on my cheek. I feel my skin well nourished and that it is effective in the long term ".


— Séverine A., Manager


Produits corps

I use BAUM products, in which I have confidence, since several years: I appreciate them for their good quality.


My very sensitive skin reacted very well.

I liked the light texture and fragrance.

— Diana K., Yoga teacher

Burkina Faso

Succès de la crème à la rose à Mei Swiss Event

Joy with the rhodiola cream, much appreciated during the Mei Swiss Event, with Catherine, Founder of the brand. Geneva, October 2022

And other testimonials....
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