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The orange tree is a species of fruit shrubs of the Rutaceae family. Grown in warm regions, such as Mediterranean countries for example, this ancient hybrid is probably a cross between grapefruit and tangerine. The essential oil of orange, or more exactly the essence of orange, is obtained by pressing its fruit zest. It's the ultimate soothing oil! Its very pleasant smell, sweet and fruity, positive mood and calm the mind while disinfecting the atmosphere. Like all citrus fruits, it improves mood. It is one of the essential oils used against cellulite.

Its advantages on the physical level:

- helps fight against cellulite, participates in drainage and helps fight against the "orange peel" effect

- helps oily skin by balancing sebum production, helps fight against imperfections, useful for acneiac and mature skin when applied in the evening, for a toning and anti-imperfection night care

- helps to heal the skin

- helps fight against digestive disorders

Its mental advantages:

- helps fight against depressive states, helps fight against anxiety in adults and children

- brings cheerfulness, lightness, helps fight against gloom

- reassures, helps to reconnect with your inner child

- helps calm the mind, prepares for sleep

- promotes letting go

100% pure, natural, organic quality essential oil

Sweet orange essential oil, 10 ml

CHF11.90 Regular Price
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  • Sweet orange essential oil (essence)

    INCI: Citrus sinensis

    Main biochemical components: Limonene, myrcene

    Origin: Brazil / Italy

    Botanical family: Rutaceae

    Distilled part: Zest of the fruit

    Extraction process: Mechanical pressing of the zest

    Quality: organic

    Culture: from organic farming - EU and non-EU agriculture

    Storage: store away from light and heat

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