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Originally from Asia, its name would have been inspired by the color of the costumes used by the mandarins, rulers of the ancient Chinese empires. In traditional Chinese medicine, the dried peel of the fruit is used in the regulation of ch'i, which governs the flow of energy in the body. This ancient medicine also used it to treat abdominal distension and to improve digestion.

Its physical and well-being benefits:

- it is renowned for its anti-spasmodic, toning, slightly antiseptic properties

- invigorating and antiseptic for the skin

- pleasantly scents massage oils by giving them a fruity, delicious scent

- calming, relaxing, slightly sedative, anti-stress and positive, it is the essential oil of good humor and which calms children, reconnects with his inner child, it is a bit "la madeleine de Proust" in version Essential oil

Red mandarin essential oil, 10 ml

CHF15.90 Regular Price
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  • INCI: Citrus reticula

    Main biochemical components: Limonene, myrcene

    Origin: Italy

    Botanical family: Rutaceae

    Distilled part: zest

    Extraction process: Mechanical pressure of the zest

    Quality: Organic essential oil

    Culture: from organic farming FR BIO 10- EU Agriculture

    Storage: store away from light and heat.

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