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1 bottle of desert date oil 100 ml

1 tropical basil essential oil

1 essential oil of cedar wood (Atlas cedar)


This set is made up of three easy-to-use products to help fight dandruff, naturally, after each shampoo.


Dandruff is dead cells falling off the scalp too quickly compared to the normal 3 week time frame.


There are 2 types of dandruff: dry dandruff and oily dandruff. Several causes are at the origin of this scalp condition: stress, aggressive products for the scalp, too dry scalp. greasy hair, stress, among other causes.

We can fight against them naturally with appropriate essential oils, which will balance the scalp:


- Using the right gestures: massaging the scalp activates blood circulation, promotes the penetration of active ingredients, helps to oxygenate the hair bulbs while offering a moment of relaxation. This massage therefore also helps to fight against hair loss.

- By gentle and natural natural products

“Stop dandruff” hair set

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  • Use :“Anti-dandruff” mask with desert date oil & essential oils :Take a small amount of desert date oil, mix 2  drops of Atlas cedar wood essential oil, 2 drops of tropical basil essential oil, massage the scalp for a few minutes. Apply a scarf to the hair, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then shampoo.

    Apply aloe vera gel after shampooing, massage the scalp and hair, let dry.

    “Anti-dandruff” scalp massage:  after each shampoo:  mix 2 drops of tropical basil essential oil, 2 drops of cedar wood essential oil (Atlas cedar) in a dab of aloe vera gel, massage the entire scalp using gentle movements and circular motions for a few minutes.

    Inclusion of 2 to 3 drops of essential oils in your dose of shampoo, rinse well by tilting your head back so that the essential oils do not reach the eyes.


    Precautions for use: Do not get in eyes. If essential oils get into the eyes: immediately put vegetable oil in the eyes then rinse with plenty of water

    Not suitable for children under 6 years old or pregnant women

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